5 things you didn't know about drones

December 18, 2018 2 min read

Drones or better known amongst most people – “what’s that thing flying over my head?” That thing is one of the best discoveries of the modern world. The drone is a micro aerial vehicle, a class of small unnamed aerial vehicles, with the size as small as 5 centimeters. They were primarily used for military, but now have their practical implementation driven by commercial, research and government purposes, too.

There are many interesting facts about the drones, but we managed to find the top five people know the least, so we can introduce you to them and guarantee you will value them more after you finish reading the article.

5 interesting facts 

  1. In rural areas of Africa, drones are used to carry over life-saving medical equipment, as well as the medications itself. This has shown great results, since land transport is not possible in some remote areas, and using drones is the only and best possible solution when it comes to helping those in need.

  2. Drones are occasionally mistaken for unfriendly flying objects, and this mistake is popular even amongst the animals. There are several videos online showing the fight of a drone and some other animal, usually a bird. The most famous one is a video that went viral showing hawk catching the drone and destroying it.

  3. It is believed that the drones will significantly improve some industries, for example, the farming, where the farming revolution is expected, and all thanks to drones.

    Instead of spending many hours walking through the farming fields checking on their fruits and vegetables, farmers could be sitting in the comfort of their homes or working on something that needs their attention, while using the drone to check on their crops. This is especially useful to older farmers who need to keep their strength for other things.

  4. Amazon and many other online shopping stores are considering using drones for daily delivery. This would drastically improve customer satisfaction and could be the leading strength for companies who implement this type of shipment first. Just imagine ordering something from the internet and having it delivered to you within the next 30 minutes. Quite impressive.

  5. You are probably aware of the fact that drones are becoming more and more popular toys amongst children (and adults, too), but what you probably didn’t know, is that there is an entire racing league for drones!

    The famous DRL mostly organizes this kind of events on the sports stadiums and venues, giving the participants a real feeling of competition. A good illumination of the venues is essential in order for racers to be able to see the tracks and lead their micro aerial vehicle to the finish line!


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If we started exploring drones even further, there probably wouldn’t be an end to this list of the most interesting facts. One thing is certain -  you can easily be amazed by their characteristics and practical application in everyday life.

We are definitely excited to see in which industries they will bring revolution and hope you will join us on this journey!

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