Alternative Pet - Sony’s Aibo, the Robot Dog

January 04, 2019 1 Comment

Alternative Pet - Sony’s Aibo, the Robot Dog

Remember the time when you were kids and how desperately you wanted a pet, and not just any pet but a dog? And who could blame you, dogs are a man’s best friend, they give us joy and happiness, they interact with us in a most profound way, and in the end, they are not just our pets, they are equal members of our families.

But having a dog is not just a walk in the park, get it? Yes, there is that joyful part of the day when you can just relax and play with your friend, and enjoy a walk, but dogs are also a huge responsibility.

But let’s face it, when we are kids, we never think about any of this, and we promise that we would do anything just to get a dog. And when our parents said their final no, we never understood why, but we hoped there is an alternative.

Kids of the ‘90s had this alternative in a shape of a small electronic device called Tamagotchi, but in 1999, Japan once again offered us one totally new alternative, the Aibo, a robot dog that could interact with us, almost as a real dog.

At the beginning of 2018, Sony launched new Aibo, with new gadgets, better than ever dog resemblance, higher than ever ability to learn, a new AI masterpiece, and I knew immediately I had to try it out.

I got this opportunity, and Aibo was with me for a whole week.  I can say that it really got my heart and it was hard to part with it, as I really grew to like the little bugger.

I really admired its ability to learn and interact, though sometimes it would just get stuck in some corner of the house, and those were the times I realized I’m having interaction with an inanimate object.

But on most days I completely forgot about this as Aibo made my days happier.  I caught myself talking to it, we played fetch, it rolled its little ball, and it played music and danced with me. I felt like I was never alone, it would charge itself during the night, and in the morning it was there to welcome me and wag its little tail and put its little paw on my face.

What really made the whole experience even more interesting is that Aibo had its moments of mischief.

Puppies really are unpredictable and Sony thought about this too! It was really amusing to see an artificial dog lifting its hind leg, pretending to pee on furniture, and the best part was that I didn’t have to clean afterward.

The week went by very quickly, and now as I had time to think about the whole experience, I can really say that Aibo is the best replacement for a real dog if you can’t commit or afford having a real one, like I can’t. At least for now.


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Mr B Brett
Mr B Brett

January 13, 2019

If this is like the other toy l bought from this company, do not buy it, the Aero princess l bought from this company was badly manufactured and dangerous, l complained about it, but nothing was done lm still after6 weeks waiting

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