January 04, 2019 3 min read

Does your husband snore, but he had never trusted you when you said sp? Are you waking up sore, with pain, almost as you didn't sleep at all? Are you worried about how your children sleep, or you think that they more often catch a cold because of lack of sleep?

Have you believed that the main reason for many diseases is lack of sleep?

The Apple Company came up with a solution that is called Beddit Sleep Monitor. It follows your sleep routine, measures and tracks your behaviour during sleeping time, and records it on Beddit app on your iPhone.  Best of all – you do not need to wear anything on yourself to track your sleep! Just these days Apple has released the new model of Beddit 3.5.

Beddit Sleep Monitor (model 3.5) consists of a sleeping sensor strip that goes on the bed. It is thin unnoticeable 2 mm thing that won't bother you during sleep. Just put it under your sheets and it will notice your every movement, heart rate, breathing, snoring, the temperature of the room, and its humidity.

It is all measurable with the Health app with which you can set your sleeping goals and it will motivate you to reach it.

There is no crucial difference between the previous model and this one, just the soft plastic that replaced the previous material of the strip. Also, this device can work directly through the Health App, but only on IOS 12 or later. The earlier model (3.0) was working through the Beddit App only. It charges with USB charge which comes in the package.

As you can guess, one Beddit Sleep Monitor is usable for one person only. Although it can work on the bed where two are sleeping, it will measure only one person’s data. So it is your personal tracker, and if you want to track anyone else, you need to buy more.

When it comes to health, it has no price, so 150$ per person is affordable. It is actually the same price as the previous version, just this one is better since it is newer.

Beddit sleep monitor can detect strange heart rhythm, and show if you have any heart problems. It is useful for older people prone to heart diseases. It saves money that you would spend on expensive medical examinations; Beddit can show irregularity without even leaving your bedroom.

Of course, if the App at your iPhone shows anything strange, you should consult your medical doctor, but otherwise, you will be sure that you are healthy. 

Now you will have proof that your kids don't follow rules about sleeping, or they do, but now you will be sure about it. Make use of those iPhones you had bought to them, and make it work in your advance.

Also, if you have a little baby, you can track its sleeping routine, and make sure that your baby has enough sleep since it cannot tell you. With other devices, you cannot track babies since the other sleep trackers go on the body.

When it's come to New Year resolutions, one about enough sleep would be appropriate. So, if you care about the health of your family, you will start this year using the Beddit sleep monitor.


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