January 04, 2019 3 min read

Are you the representative of the Harry Potter generation? Do you like fantasy movies? Are you a fan of Greek mythology? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions or simply being curious about tech innovations, you will check this article for more information!

Company Spot Mini came up with the solution that resolves problems of usual robotic pets and makes them more functional. Previous versions of robotic dogs couldn't make more humanoid actions than opening a door.

This version has both human skeleton from Youbionic One and the body of previous Boston Dynamics Spot Mini version. It is printable 3D version and there is no video that shows how it works.

As someone in the comments said, "I was definitely hoping to see some video of this actually walking around and opening doors and stuff when I came here and not just render".

I couldn't agree with this sentence more! As a big fan of fantasy, I would like to see how it works. I only can imagine how it goes through my door, takes a juice out of a coffee table, bring it to mamma and goes to my child's bedroom and wakes him up. Yup, the same is presented on the Youbionic site; humanoid part of Centaur serves the drink. Everything is the scheme and is not a real thing. Anyhow, we can imagine what this Centaur could be done since we know what can do both parts separately.

Youbionic humanoid part is available for 179$ as the scheme to be printed in a 3D printer. It has no metal parts, yet it can do actions that have never seen before on the other humanoid. It can be used in your office to perform routine work. Also, you can use it for exploration of artificial intelligence and its appliance.  The third appliance of the humanoid reveals the composition form – putting it on a rover and control by remote. So it uses suppose combination with some rover, and this is where Boston Dynamics Spot Mini hops in.

One of the robots that are planned to be on sale during the 2019 year, appeared at Amazon robotic conference in 2018. It can run and navigate freely. Like the one from the conference, SpotMini is a four-legged, yet smaller robot which uses tends. It weighs 30 kilos if we include one arm. We suppose it will weigh more if Youbionic humanoid skeleton was included.

Current version with one arm can endure 90 minutes on a charge approximately. It depends what job it does. The Boston Dynamics points out that this is the quietest version of their robots.  Besides arm, this robot includes perception sensors, cameras, and position sensors in the legs. Therefore, this little guy can run freely, picks small objects, opens the door, and has many other uses with remote control.

If we put together these two parts, we can make additional use, such as helping people with disabilities, exploring hardly reachable parts of the caves, or seas, helping construction workers and miners, thus decreasing the danger of their jobs. As someone already said in the comment "Please, make it and send it to Mars". As this already has been done, we will say "Please make it, and send it to Jupiter".  Or, please make it and send it to me, since I have always wanted my personal centaur Firenze to gaze stars together.

Anyhow, if you are investors, you can contact Youbionic, and support this project as a donator. 


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