Comeback of Retro Games: the Rise of Sega and Atari

January 04, 2019

Comeback of Retro Games: the Rise of Sega and Atari

The retro games are considered the games of the period from the ‘70s till the ‘90s. These are the video games, which started the genres of the games nowadays, and they are considered as classics.

The first edition games of SimCity, SimFarm, Stronghold I, Seven Kingdoms, Capitalism, Red Alert, Knights and Merchants, Warcraft, and the others are considered as the retro that became classics. 

From these days’ point of view, the retro games are the ones with bad graphics, they aren't three dimensional, they do not have the effects, cutscenes, and everything else that is ordinary for the contemporary video games. Nonetheless, for these days’ standards, current retro games were advanced and innovative.

The appearance of the retro games was overcome around the year of 2000 with appearing of the better platforms, which supported the better graphics. It has seemed that the retro games became outdated and the subject of the past.

However, the last couple of years became the real return of the retro games on the market. The original fans of the games from the '90s are all grown-ups today but they are ready to pay development studios for the games that remind them on their childhood.

At Steam, you can find the dozens of little development studios and indie developers, which work on the retro games. The games Rimworld, Project Hospital, Academia: School simulator, Sim Airport, Rebuild 3, and many others can be considered as the retro games based on their graphics and style.

Beside little developers, on the market of the retro games, the giants that released the original retro games returned – Sega and Atari. These companies precisely are responsible for many games nowadays that are considered as classics.

We all played Sega games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombatt II, Aladdin, Ranger X, or the Atari games such as Ikari Warriors, Indy 500, or the most famous Super Mario Bros. Although the old consoles as Sega 2000, or Atari ST are no longer used, the style of their old games remains.

Both Atari and Sega in the last years released couple games in retro style. Just this time these games are for contemporary platforms such as IOS Android or PC. The Sega released the collection of games “Sega heroes” that returns from the dead all set of famous Sega heroes. For the example – Sonic has been revived. There are also remakes of the comical simulation Hospital Tycoon from 2007 called Two Point Hospital.

New series of the games called “Sega forever” released the dozen of old retro games that had been made for Sega platform, just this time for smartphones. Now we can play games like Sonic, Steers of rage, Shining force, Crazy Taxi, and many others on our phones.

The Atari counteracted with its remake of the retro game Rollercoaster tycoon in 2016 called Rollercoaster tycoon world. Beside arrival of Rollercoaster series, the Atari revived their old consoles with Atari Flashback series of consoles. The last one released is Atari Flashback 9 Gold and it can be bought for 60$, only on official Atari site. If you are not willing to spend money on the games, you can also download their collection of Atari greatest hits for mobile devices on Google Play and App stores.

The retro games have returned on the market in great style. It seems that it is the genre that doesn’t plan to die. The bad graphics became the evocation of nostalgia, which reminds players on their childhood.


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