Realistic Sensation in Virtual Reality with AxonVR

January 04, 2019 2 min read

Axon VR gives a whole new perspective of reality. We could freely say the one which seems even more realistic. How so? By making wonders with virtual reality.

You surely know that feeling when you can’t quite tell whether something is a dream or reality. When the line is so thin that it’s hard to make the difference. Now, how about the same feeling when it comes to reality and virtual reality? Would you dare trying out such a revolutionary product?

It’s not a dream, it’s real, and its name is – Axon VR suit. It’s a full body VR Haptic suit and a HaptiX exoskeleton walking platform. What this amazing futuristic product simulates is the experience of pressure, like there are actual gravity and surface resistance. Moreover, this will make it possible for users to feel the VR world to the tiniest details. By that we mean even sense got and cold.

The secret of this powerful HaptiX technology is textile. It will allow users to experience real life kind of feel and touch. You will get a complete picture, so to say, including the sense of temperature and shape of that VR object.

To make the feeling even more realistic, the experience is accompanied by vibrations. As for the HaptiX exoskeleton, it’s completely lightweight which allows the user to feel forces and resistance while gaming as if he/she is performing the activities in person.

So, this wonderful gadget features several technicalities which are “responsible” for such ultra-realistic feeling. The haptic textile is lined up with micro-fluid across the complete suit. That allows a whole wide spectrum of real-life sensations, from a gentle breeze to a punch. Besides this one can also feel temperature variations.

Needless to say, the sync works so perfect that you really cannot tell the difference between reality and VR. The HaptX skeleton analyses the position of a body in a game and it does so by moving along with the body. The resistance is absolutely the same to the one from the real world. And finally, the HaptiX SDK works perfectly with all the leading gaming platforms.

Speaking of feedback we get from suit, there are four of them. Tactile feedback is the one where our senses are tricked to the level where it is I possible to feel the difference between reality and VR. There’s also a vibration feedback, equally important as the previous one. Vibrations add more reality to the VR experience because our body is made in a way to pick them up easily.

The next one is thermal feedback where you can even feel the slight, subtle variations, that is, much more than just hot or cold. And the last one, force feedback, is the ingredient which tricks our muscles to feel light and heavy forces, exactly the same the ones from the real world.

Axon VR suit certainly is one of those products which pushes the limits and changes the future. With all this having said, we can only start counting the days down till the release date.


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