Tech Toys As A Perfect Christmas gift

January 04, 2019 4 min read

Christmas is coming! Holidays are approaching and with them, the need for the Christmas shopping is approaching even faster. If not yet, you should start making your Christmas shopping list with presents for your family, friends, and cousins.

If you are in doubt about what to buy and be original and modern, you should buy some tech toys. It perfectly fits equally for young and for adults, because it simply drives people with its interactivity.

If you are complaining that your children are spending too much time with their smartphones, tech toys are just right thing to buy because it will connect their phones with reality, and will include them into the real world again.

1.    Codey Rocky

You live in a small apartment, or simply avoid bringing real pets into your place, but your family keeps insisting on buying a pet, tech toys are the solution. There is great Codey Rocky, both pet, and car, remote controller, and everything else that your child can imagine.   

This interactive toy develops your children’s programming skills and increases their imagination. Anything they code on computer, Codey can do. Therefore Codey can be anything. At only 99$, it is far less than any tablet, smartphone, or any other fancy electronic device that your child would want.

 Your child can have even more fun using your old notebook to programme Codey. This toy has been awarded the Family Choice Award.  Besides, this toy can be useful even for adults who want to learn the basics of programming.

2.    Magical Flying UFO Rainbow Ball

This Magical Flying UFO Rainbow Ball is a cool interactive flying toy that any child would want to have in its toy-arsenal. 

It is super easy to control it and play with it. Simply hold your palm underneath it and the ball will follow everywhere you go. 

The appearance of our Rainbow Ball will simply astonish your kid. It charges super fast, and you can play for hours afterward. 

Made of ABS plastic, it will last for a really long time. It's designed not to fall (or touch the ground) but even if it does, it is shock-proof and won't get damaged. 


3.    Puppy – robotic smart dog

If your child is younger, or really into dogs, you can buy a pet-alike robot, such as Puppy - a robotic smart dog that is connected through a smartphone, has Bluetooth speakers and includes Puppy go application.

Besides regular things that normal dogs do, like barking and spinning their tails, this dog can play your favourite music. Furthermore, you can teach your Puppy new tricks through Puppy Smart App.

4.    High-Speed Racing RC Boat Toy

This high-speed RC toy can go up to an amazing 30 km/h! Imagine the excitement in your kid once he starts playing with it. Don't worry if the boat flips. It will simply rotate, as it can do 180-degree turnover. Quite amazing? Check it out.


It is convenient for both, left and right-handed due to its throttle switch function. You can choose between 2 modes- one for left-handed and another for right-handed. 

It features an LCD screen on the remote screen, which will allow you to read data directly. With its cool design and quite simple controls, it's a perfect gift for kids (or RC toy collectors).   

You must be worrying about what happens if the battery surprisingly runs out. Well, it has an alarm that will inform you of low battery, which means that there is at least 2 minutes more for you to play. 

Now, the coolest part is that you can control this one from 150m of distance. 


5.    Solar robot – green energy

Green is a future! Therefore, if you want to explore solar power and to prove its benefits to your loved ones, this is the solution for your Christmas gift. This interactive toy develops mechanical abilities of your child. It can be 14 different solar machines that will be built by your child. Each of the machines that are built will be run on solar power.  It gives you numerous possibilities for playing with it. The only flaw of this robot is the existence of small pieces, because of what it cannot be used nearby toddlers. If you have both elder child and a toddler, I suggest using the solar robot under the supervision of adults.

6.    Star wars dream come true - Original BB-8 by Sphero

At this point, age doesn't matter! If you are a Star Wars fan, you will want this tiny robot, no matter the cost or occasion.  But luckily for you, and me, this robot is affordable. It cost only 58$ and goes perfectly with your smartphone. It has a battery that can be used continuously for 60 minutes, and it is chargeable.

Through your smart phone's camera, you can create an alternate reality for your robot and start a battle with an imagined object. You can finally live your Star Wars fantasy! Of course, if you are not a fan of Star Wars you can be sure that it is a great gift for the one who is.


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