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January 04, 2019 3 min read


Do you remember the days when the peak of using a mobile phone was playing Snake game? That feeling when you ask your parents to let you take their Nokia 3310 just so you could enjoy playing this game for just 15 minutes. Ah, those were days.

Nowadays you can do almost anything with a smartphone. And when we say anything, we mean literally anything. From using it as a remote controller for TV and front doors to taking underwater selfies. There are so many apps, gadgets, and features that can be either extremely helpful or just funny to use.

Apart from the usual gadgets, i.e. portable charger, USB card reader or phone holder, there are some very unusual and interesting gadgets that you might find helpful or funny to use. Let us present to you some of the most interesting gadgets for your smartphone.

1.    EyeQue: Personal Vision Tracker

Not feeling like visiting your ophthalmologist? No worries, we can help you with that. This little device lets you measure your eyesight and get the data needed for deciding what kind of glasses you need. You can use that data to make eyeglass prescription and order glasses online.


2.    Portable Photo Printer

If you prefer having a physical copy of your photos, but don’t want to spend money on buying a camera, fear not! With this gadget, you can instantly print photos from your smartphone or tablet.


3.    Ollie

If you are a fan of racing, this gadget is definitely for you. Take remote control over this little racing robot via your smartphone and have fun competing with your friends.


4.    SkyBell

This smart doorbell allows you to see, talk and listen to your visitors by using your smartphone. This can come really handy if you have little children or if you are away on vacation.


5.    Multi-tool Case

 This phonecase comes with a set of tools, which you can use to cut or slice something.


6.    RØDE VideoMic Me

 You want to create high-quality-sound videos with your smartphone? Nothing to worry about, this little microphone is what you need. Just attach it on your smartphone and start recording! It includes a windshield that keeps the voice clear even in rainy weather.


7.    FLIR ONE Thermal Imager

With this device, you can record high-quality thermal infrared content. Whether you just like exploring during the night or perhaps you like hunting ghosts, this little gadget will help you achieve that.


8.    Wall Imager

 If you are a forgetful type like me, you might find this device useful. With it, you can scan your walls and get the images of pipes, wood and it even detects rodent movement. This way you will always know the exact location of your sensitive house parts, like pipes. Just connect the device to your phone and start scanning the walls.

These were the most interesting unorthodox gadgets for smartphones. Some could’ve been a surprise, some not. Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comment section.

9.    Premium Flexible Mount Holder

Feeling lazy holding your phone/tablet for a long time? Now you can watch videos or use your electronic gadgets comfortably without holding it. This Flexible Mount Holder holds your phone wherever and whenever! 

It is highly flexible, detachable and can be rotated in 360 degrees--satisfying your need! You will be able to watch movies or talk to someone while you are doing household chores.



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