VR and Better Living

January 04, 2019 2 min read

Experience truly matters. It is something that stays with us for the rest of our lives and more vividly and accurately than anything we are told or thought does.

Living in the modern age many things have become possible and many mediums through which we can experience different things are available to us – videos, images, etc. But none of that can full our brain into really experiencing what we see.

We could easily tell the difference between what was a video or an image, and what was really happening to us.

However, things have radically started to change and science is now offering us Virtual Reality. Now the difference between what is real and what is virtual has started to fade, and what we can easily get with Virtual Reality is a surrogate experience.

With this new technology, you can experience almost anything that you can imagine. It is all about what you want to participate in. It is not only that you can seethings, but now you can actually participate in them. Our brains and bodies easily get used to the feeling and start to see this virtual world as real.

“Virtual Reality for Better Reality”is a project that is focused on a group of seniors living in a residential home. These people were to experience virtual reality two times a week along the period of four weeks.

They had reported feeling much more relaxed and joyful long after the project was over. They were to socialize much more now that they are experiencing new thing and have something interesting to talk about.

Experiencing sitting on a beach, visiting Louvre, or being in a concert reportedly made the residents, not only relaxed but have fun at the same time. Many have said that the anxiety was gone after the month of regular usage.

Moreover, Virtual Reality can be a useful learning tool since it can occupy one’s attention and senses much better than a book or a video could, therefore putting a potential learner in a challenging situation.

They could take a tour through a human body and see how it works, or such. It is much safer for a surgeon in training to practice on a virtual human body than anything. Just imagine the possibilities!

It has become safe to state that Virtual Reality improves retention and things that we experience through it stay in our memory much longer than those that we experience through other media.

What more Virtual Reality can do is help with distracting or diverting one’s attention to more positive thoughts. Take a patient who is in grave pain, suffers from traumatic thoughts or fears, and now he/ she has found himself watching a relaxing sunset or sitting by the fire in the woods.

In today’s world it is all about what you would like to experience and see, be it swimming with the sharks, climbing Mount Everest, or just youthfully enjoying a ride on a roller coaster.

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