What Future Apple AirPods Should Have

January 04, 2019 2 min read

If you are interested in Apple AirPods features and latest updates, we have some truly interesting details for you. Release date and price are the hottest topics now!

There are many speculations about Apple Airpods price and release date. Some are hoping that they may launch them around Christmas, while the others believe it will be in early 2019. But so far there aren’t any official announcements by Apple on this. Until that happens, we can discuss some other details we are familiar with.

Features and upgrades are the most discussed topics besides. Will those be just minor upgrades comparing to the previous model, or these Apple Airpods will have some truly dazzling features? Ear-worn devices are getting more and more popular among wearables, which is why they have become much more than just a device you use when you make phone calls or listen to music.

To start with health, the new one should feature biometric sensors which will measure heart rate. As a matter of fact, they are planning to incorporate wellness sensors in all the future models.

“Hey Siri!” will be more than enough to activate your beloved voice assistant. Unlike the current model where you activate Siri by tapping, the new one will feature voice activation, which will make things much easier and faster.

The next fantastic feature which has become popular across headphones manufacturers is noise cancellation. However, we are not sure whether it’s active noise canceling technology they’re aiming at, or passive, which would bring some changes to the physical design.

Another amazing detail which definitely reflects all the perks modern-day devices bring is wireless charging case. The new case for Apple Airpods features the indicator lights on the outside. The light shows whether the earbuds are full or not. The one indicating the charging is green and it's on the left side. The other one, on the right, is orange and it indicates low power.

If you are one of those who's into listening to the music while running in the rain, then you will be happy to know that the new model will be water-resistant. Just to make one thing clear- water resistant and waterproof are not the same thing! You won’t have any problems when raining. However, submerging them in the water (like when swimming) would not be the best idea.

As for the tech specs, you know how mysterious Apple tends to be about this. But we have our fingers crossed for the upgraded wireless chip and upgraded Bluetooth. That would bring significant improvements to battery life and connectivity.

All in all, it seems that the future is about to arrive with the new Apple Airpods. As you have seen, there are many improvements practically in every segment.

Outstanding sound quality, reliable battery life, innovative design, noise cancellation, seamless device pairing, and many other features are there to bring us the best a sound can give. The only thing left is to hope that the price will be affordable so that we can experience all these benefits ourselves.


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