The history of lockpicking

April 03, 2018

Since we have a huge fanbase over the sport of lockpicking, we would like to share some interesting facts about  lockpicing  with you

Ever wander how this whole lockpicking thing got started?

Well lockpicking existed as long as the creation of padlocks themselves, when one of the early creators of locks, Joseph Bramah publicly challenged anyone who could break open his lock for a sum of $30,000

And no one did for a good 70 years, resulting in a period of time when people can put a padlock on a chest and be assured that no one else would be able to access the chest

The padlock Bramah created was so famous that the British government wanted something even greater than that; they wanted a lock that would alert its owners if someone tried to do pick it

A blueprint of the "Self-destruct lock created by Jeremiah Chubb, which would eventually be picked by AC Hobbes"Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A locksmith, Jeremiah Chubb met the challenge - he created a lock that would "self-destruct" and hence unusable when someone tampers with it

Thus, if the owner are unable to open the lock using his own key, he would know that someone has tampered with the lock

Chubb was awarded with $147 for his innovation

And for years after that, the name Chubb and Bramah were synonymous with the term "Perfect Security" - until the Lock Controversy of 1851

In 1851, London held the Great Exhibition - the first international exhibition of manufactured products. Amongst the attendees were AC Hobbs, an American Locksmith who would eventually solve the sell destruct lock by Chubb and unbeatable lock by Joseph Bramah

And with that the era of Perfect Security ended

Nonetheless, lockpicking is still hugely popular today

Be it the professional locksmiths who help to unlock your doors orlockpads when you lose your keys

Or the lockpicking enthusiasts who enjoy locking their own doors and picking them open using hairpins or paper clips 🤣

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