3 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Magnet.

One of our most raved about items since 2018 started is the Super Strong Rare Earth Magnet, and a lot of fans love this specific magnet because of the countless things you could do with it! 


Strong Magnet

Here are 3 awesome things you could do with your magnet:

1.) Build your own homopolar motor - What is a homopolar motor? Well, this is a type of electric motor that uses direct current to power rotational movement.

Building one is super easy, all you need is a battery, our super strong rare earth magnet, and a strip of copper wire.

Just attach the magnet to the negative end of the battery, and wrap the copper wire around the magnet and form it in such a way that one end touches the positive end of the battery (see pic below)


Homopolar Motor Using Magnets.


2.) Levitating magnets - Playing with magnets is not just for kids anymore! Wanna feel like a magician with superpowers?

Then click on the image below to watch how you could do it with our Super Rare Earth Magnet.


Video on levitating magnets.


3.) Build your own coin structure - ever wondered how competitive balancers are able to put irregularly shaped objects top of one another? PRACTICE! Yup, years of them.

But if you ever wanted to do the same and don't have enough time to master the craft, then maybe the Super Strong Rare Earth Magnet can help. 


Coin Structure


Fun Fact: These magnets are so strong it is able to repel blood due to the iron content in blood. You can try it yourself with pig's blood which you can get in the local market!

And that's it! My 3 favorite tricks on these super rare earth magnets!

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