Shipping Times


Shipping times may vary and it may take up to 30 business days for orders to arrive due to rare occasions like holidays and unexpected natural and political events. 
By making a purchase on this website you agree to not file a chargeback or a dispute for any reason within 30 business days of making a purchase.

You agree to send us an email to to resolve any payment issues you may encounter with us and you agree to wait 40 business days before contacting your bank, payment transaction processor or payment gateway to file a chargeback or a dispute. 

You agree to be liable for damages and business losses due to chargebacks or disputes made by you within 30 business days of your purchase and you also agree to appear in small claims court and be liable for our attorney's fees.

If your order or products fail to arrive and you have evidence that you've reached us via the email mentioned above and we did not get back to you or help you with a return or a refund request within 30 business days of your purchase, you may file a dispute or a chargeback with no liability.

Perks of Premium Shipping

For customers who chose to buy with Premium Express Shipping, your product will take 7-13 business days to arrive. If it doesn't feel free to contact our support at 

We will ship your product out as soon as we can and you will also receive a "Life-Time Warranty" guarantee which means that in the case that the product is damaged or you want a replacement even after the 30 days risk-free period, we will gladly send you a new one without asking for anything in return! :)