Foot Hammock



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The Foot Hammock is the most comfortable way to sit at your desk! 

Most of us spend more time at our desk than in our beds sleeping. It is time we make our hours at our desk as comfortable as our hours sleeping.

The Foot Hammock contributes to improved posture, increasing comfort and overall health.

Whether you'd like to recline in your seat or just have some extra support, the Foot Hammock fits your needs.


Each hammock is made to comfortably form around the foot having strong support and an elastic give.

While you can use the Foot Hammock to recline, hanging your feet close to the ground can improve your posture at your desk and your overall health. 


1. Buckle the hooks on each side of the desk, wedge the ropes in the hooks
2. Adjust the length of rope with a door holder mounted in the rope.
3. Insert the rope into the hook mounted in the desk. 



  • Package Size: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 3.94in)
  • Package Weight: 0.39kg (0.86lb.)
  • Material: Steel (Hook)
  • Load: Up To 50kg 



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